Support ladies who are in really tough times today
Everything should be made as simple.
Stand For Our Ladies In The Warzone!
Our girls experience harsh times today - their cities are under attack, explosions continue destroying their houses. Thousands of casualties, millions of ruined lives - a lot of women lost their homes and got nowhere to get back. Anxious, worried, and disturbed ladies feel alone, expecting a breakthrough in efforts to end the war...
Our female members staying in the warzone
Female members are looking to flee their homes
Female members have become internal migrants
Real Stories From Real People
Several stories from our website's female members are only fragments of the gloomy reality women are facing each day...
Alla, 36
Her parents’ apartment has been recently shaken by two blasts. By some miracle, they have survived but are in hospital now. Alla’s only dream today is to see her parents safe and sound. And peace, of course!
Zhanna, 28
There is no single settlement in her region that hasn’t suffered from the war. Now she’s stuck inside this horror movie waiting for a safe passage to flee her home.
Ilona, 32
Prepared her house and all the things for her long-awaited schnauzer puppy. Now she’s taking cover in a shelter as rocket attacks and explosions continue in her city but is still dreaming of getting her pet one day.
Kateryna, 27
Became a volunteer, daily preparing hundreds of care packages for soldiers on the front lines combating the aggression.
Everything should be made as simple.